We’ve created this page to celebrate the memory of William Charles Munroe Jr. (1980-2012)—our friend Billy—and to help establish a future fund for his son, Liam. As a friend, brother, son, and father, Billy was one of a kind. He enriched our lives with his boundless enthusiasm, generosity, integrity, and humor, and we miss him dearly.

The goal of the Liam Munroe Future Fund is simple: raise money to help defray the costs of Liam’s care and education. All Paypal donations go directly to a trust account for Liam, under the care of Billy’s sister, Mary.

Please make a donationshare a memory of Billy in the guestbook, and join our mailing list. Thanks!

-Billy’s pals

(Kate Seelie, Mary Monroe, Jamie Tanner, Dave Feighan, Mike Lovett, and many others. To contact us, click here.)


4 Responses to

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  2. Nolan Jonke says:

    Billy would want the best for his lil’ guy. This is a great idea you guys are doing, very honorable.

  3. Janice Loesch says:

    I think this is a great idea. Billy talked of his son to me often and I know he will appreciate this.

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