Here’s the place for you to leave a message for Billy and Liam. Add a comment below, or email us your memories/photos and we’ll post them ASAP!


6 Responses to Guestbook

  1. Mike Lovett says:

    Billy, you were my good pal, and I sure miss you. I hope you’ve found your “Happy Place,” and they’re letting you drive any car on the lot!

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  3. mseelie says:

    Billy always called me, “Meggy.” He protected me like a brother, loved me like family, and made me laugh the ways life-long friends do. Memories of him still make me laugh today, which is how I know my life with him isn’t over. Billy lives within me now and forever.
    Love to all the ones keeping Billy alive,

  4. Kevin Mooney says:

    My favorite memory of Billy was from us in high school. I had an old red jeep with no doors or top on it that didn’t need a key to start. Everyday I would come out to lunch and Billy would have moved it to a
    new lot or across the street and hid it from me the lunch period before.

    I’ll miss you a lot and never forget you old friend.
    Kevin Mooney

  5. Janice Loesch says:

    Whenever Billy walked into the dealership, he always had a smile on his face. I will never forget our talks whenever he came to visit. It is so sad that a person this young had to pass but I hope he is at peace now. He will be in my heart forever, as will the rest of his family.

  6. Andrew Steinbrunner says:

    It was impossible to not smile when Billy was walking toward you, I’ll never forget that. I enjoyed my times with him although they were regrettably too few. We will miss you, brother.

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